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School Media Teams are helping schools to capture, celebrate and market all the great things that they achieve everyday.

Why? - The education and well-being of our future generations in schools is the most important thing that we can focus on to recover from the pandemic and thrive. 


How? - Student success is closely linked with self-esteem and through developing SMTs we are helping schools to capture, produce and market all their wins, no matter how big or small. 


What? - Bringing together schools, businesses, brands, talent and parents to support and encourage video storytelling. 

Impact - There are 30K plus schools, 8.5M students and 500K plus teachers in our schools. Imagine what we could achieve for our society if we celebrate their achievements, increase self-esteem and well-being! 

Feeling - If you are a parent you will recognise that positive feeling and delight when your child wants to show you a painting that they have done. That’s the emotion we are talking about here, ‘a real game changer’, in how we cherish and support our school communities.


Action - IO has been enabling  the strategic use of video in partner schools where their students and staff are successfully using video equipment to capture, produce and share video stories. Typically setting up a School Media Team, see our article on this here.


Skills for life - Businesses recognise the importance of video for their future marketing, and commercial success and all sectors need future employees with video storytelling competence. The skills that the students are learning here will offer them career opportunities.


SMT Campaign - It will drive the positive change and development of video use in education through case study development, the sharing of practice, community development, online resources, online events, face to face workshops, attendance at tradeshows and lobbying key influencers working in the sector.

Get in touch - come and join our campaign! If you’d like to get some advice on setting up your school media crew then please fill in the contact form and we’ll set up a time for a call. Or register your interest and we’ll keep you in the loop on developments.

Thank you

Andrew Goff


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