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Leon Taylor - 'Leon's Magic Mantra'

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Leon's Magic Mantra forms the 3rd book in the “Generations Campaign”, a series of inspiring entertaining and educational stories, focused on developing skills and building positive habits/traits (resilience, courage, inclusion, kindness etc.) that we want to see in our younger generation, and which are only recently now outlined in their curriculums.


Leon grew up in Cheltenham in Gloucestershire

with his mum Sue, dad Roy, and younger sister,

Nadine. He was a hyperactive child whose parents guided his energy towards sport so they could get some rest! Leon enjoyed many sports from a young age. His favourites were swimming, gymnastics and then he found diving.


He always dreamed of representing Great Britain at the Olympic Games and that dream came true 3 times. During his career, he pushed the boundaries of what’s possible and invented (at the time) the world’s most difficult dive. Then in Athens 2004, alongside his friend and teammate Peter Waterfield, he won Team GB’s first Olympic medal in diving for 44 years.

After spending 22 years in elite sport, he is now

thriving in many roles. As a commentator and

pundit for the BBC. A mentor to the next

generation of Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

A mindful movement coach in the popular

meditation app Headspace. 

Achieving success at the highest level, Leon has an exceptional ability to support others; sharing how to develop positive habits, behaviours and

beliefs that can be applied anywhere. Having

struggled over the years with his physical and

mental well-being, Leon is determined to offer

support through his mentor and coaching

programmes, improving how we move, think and feel.

His passion, positivity, and energy to support

others, sees him take to the stage frequently to

share his message and inspire, including a TEDx

talk viewed by over a million.

Leon takes great pride in guiding those whom he coaches to find new ways to release their fears and focus more calmly on their aspirations. Leon still uses his magic mantra to do the same.

Interactive Opportunities mission is to develop and inspire the way that children learn and consume information from an early age, whilst tackling the ever-prevalent issue of illiteracy. 

To better understand how you (Talent or Brand) could help shape the next generation of minds and drive lasting social and economic change we would welcome the opportunity to hear what you are trying to achieve and discuss the co-creation of activations.

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Story read by children's author Sarah Griffiths

LMM Reading SG


LMM Testimonial

"This book has made such an impact on my son who struggles with fear, anxiety and confidence.

Isaac is a really caring, sensitive boy. At times his struggles in new or challenging situations. He finds himself getting very nervous at school drop off, or attending out of school clubs. This fear can also lead to anger. 

Isaac had his first ever football tournament and the evening before he was anxious. I had just received Leon’s Magic Mantra that day, so we read it together. Isaac was immediately invested in the story and visuals. I could see on his face how it had captured his imagination. 

LMM testimonial.png

Immediately Isaac could relate and found it reassuring that a successful grown up had the same fears as a child that Isaac has. Not only did the story resonate, but the practical advice was life changing. Isaac created his own mantra and fell asleep content. On the morning of the game he woke nervous, so we read the book again and he went from shaking, terrified and refusing to attend… to attending, playing and having a wonderful day.


We have used this book since that day in preparation for shows, challenging situations and to bring us together as a family to remind us of the importance of mental health and how our potential is much greater than we ever realise.


Thank you so much for creating such a wonderfully engaging and resourceful story.


Michelle Lloyd

'Leon's Magic Mantra' Colouring Sheets

LMM Colouring

Click on thumbnail to open PDF file

Colouring Sheet 1

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Colouring Sheet 2

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Colouring Sheet 3

Colouring in Sheet 3.png

Colouring Sheet 4


Colouring Sheet 5


Colouring Sheet 6


'Leon's Magic Mantra' Launch Video from HLC

LMM Launch Video

Photos from Hadley Learning Community Launch

Leon Magic Mantra Launch Day Photos

'Leon's Magic Mantra' first reading

Leon Magic Mantra first reading

'Leon's Magic Mantra' Intentions

Leon Magic Mantra Intention

The story is written for young children connecting with them at an emotional level. To complement the story there is a ‘Time to Talk’ section that opens up opportunities for discussion. Parents, grandparents, relatives and guardians can discuss the story with their child and how we can use Leon’s practices to have a positive impact in our everyday lives. Read the whole document here.

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