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We bring sporting talent together with teachers and children’s authors to create inspirational stories to engage, educate and entertain the future generations and their families. 


Generations brings the worlds of sport and education together to co-create tangible and sustainable outcomes for primary school children across the UK and beyond, as we look to shape and empower the next generation through positive role models and their stories, all aligned with what the schools need to teach.

We are working towards a series of ten stories and so if you are a brand or a talent interested in supporting our mission and vision then we would welcome a conversation.Please email to arrange a time for a call.

Our books so far....

Story Time


The education of our future generations is the most important thing that we can all invest in, in order to all thrive and grow. 


Storytelling has the ability to bring generations together, share their experiences and equip us all with the characteristics to be the best that we can be whilst supporting our own self-esteem and well-being.


Improved literacy standards increases life chances and can potentially unlock huge commercial opportunities in our society.


All sporting talent have the characteristics to struggle, persevere and grow against adversity. People are passionate about sport and their children, and so in our Generations campaign we bring those powerful elements together to create stories that inspire younger generations to be the best that they can be for the benefit of all of our futures.

Swimmer by the Pool

Our stories

Our children’s story books are aligned with school curriculum needs and have notes encouraging, ‘times to talk’, between adults and children about areas covered in the stories. We are working towards a series of ten stories

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