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Hayley Raso - 'Hayley's Ribbon'

Hayley’s Ribbon forms the 2nd book in the “Generations Campaign”, a series of inspiring entertaining and educational stories, focused on developing skills and building positive habits/traits (resilience, courage, inclusion, kindness etc.) that we want to see in our younger generation, and which are only recently now outlined in their curriculums.


Hayley’s story is an empowering story about the early life of Australian Women’s Football star, Hayley Raso. At a young age Hayley faced some difficult challenges. The story shares how those closest to us can guide us to see the positives within ourselves. Hayley’s determination, resilience, and strength shines through the story. As Hayley follows her dreams, she invites a generation of children to do the same.

Interactive Opportunities mission is to develop and inspire the way that children learn and consume information from an early age, whilst tackling the ever-prevalent issue of illiteracy. 

To better understand how you (Talent or Brand) could help shape the next generation of minds and drive lasting social and economic change we would welcome the opportunity to hear what you are trying to achieve and discuss the co-creation of activations.

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