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About us


Interactive Opportunities Ltd (IO) was founded by Andrew Goff to bring together teachers, talent and innovative technology to address real needs, develop new learning opportunities and to help ultimately increase student outcomes. IO predominantly works in the education and training verticals but its expertise and technologies are increasingly being applied to other sectors such as broadcast and sports coaching.IO has helped to develop many firsts; the majority successful but others leading to dead-ends, all a part of learning from mistakes, evaluating, improving and progressing pedagogy.

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IO has advised many schools and educational institutions in very varied areas; from the whole of school ICT vision and strategy down to shorter term project based initiatives. Many people are easily drawn into the application of technology for ‘shiny technologies’ sake; that is not what we do, we look for the true positive outcomes that technology can provide when applied objectively. At the core of all that we do is the student and, 'what is the return on investment for the student?' is our focus.

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In recent years IO has developed expertise in storytelling, be that through book, digital content and course development or through the strategic use of video in education for remote learning, communication and marketing.

The education of our future generations is the most important thing that we can all concentrate on given the pandemic in order to thrive and survive and we have very much enjoyed working with sporting talent, brands and positively 'activating' them in education. 

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We are proud of the initiatives that we have been involved in, our school and business relationships, and will continue to strive to push boundaries for positive student outcomes.

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