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Experience Motorsport is a new motorsport-themed STEM
event that will begin visiting schools around the UK in 2022

Devised by a STEM teacher with over 25 years' classroom experience in collaboration with a qualified racing driver and instructor, curriculum-linked resources and lesson ideas for before and after the event are included.  We are currently inviting schools who may like to host an event to register an interest, with no obligation.

The school event lasts approximately four hours, for up to 100 students per event.  The target age group is 12-15 years old.  Being supported by multiple sponsors means that we can keep the cost to schools down depending on final details.  For schools who may struggle to afford this, we have a well-established and effective structure which enables and supports the students to write to local companies for sponsorship, adding a further learning aspect to the event.


Following an introductory talk, the students are divided into eight groups which then carousel around the various activities.  With the exception of the simulators, each activity comes with its own learning materials and they are designed to be run with minimum adult input, keeping staff supervision requirements low.  The activities are:

  • A computer-based Race / Pit Stop Strategy Simulation, showing how maths is used in race strategy

  • An Electric Car Demonstrator showing how energy used to drive a car can be recovered under braking

  • How a car works - physical models of various car parts with video explanations of their functions

  • Simulator Driving

  • Reaction and Memory Test - a physical and mental challenge

  • Parts identification - a problem-solving exercise to work out how devices function

  • Future fuels - understanding hybrid and hydrogen cell technologies

  • Social Media Marketing - how to use the platforms students know so well in business


The event ends with a 20 minute talk covering the following topics:

  • Careers in STEM and Motorsport

  • Future Skills

  • Tenacity and the value of learning

  • Diversity and Sustainability

Please email to discuss running your school's Experience Motorsports Day


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