Our Services for School Suppliers

We act as the development interface between education and technology, or schools and suppliers to develop fit for purpose solutions to real educational needs.


The needs that we address in education are very diverse and with each new project we cover new areas of expertise are added. In all cases our focus is on the educational outcomes and the overall positive impact that can be achieved for students.


At the core of all we develop there is usually a need that no one else has identified as the 'pain point' and worked at solving.


Here are some examples of the areas that we currently work in and the needs we address:

  • Lesson observation and teacher coaching

  • Teacher recruitment and retention

  • Marketing your school to its community

  • Resources for new curriculum changes

  • Systems to provide accurate management data

  • Adoption and embedding of new technologies in teaching and learning


Our Network:

IO has an extensive network of associate experts with whom it works to deliver its innovative programs, products and services; a very diverse network across education, technology and the creative industries. People with a depth of understanding in their field, who are good collaborators and who think laterally to provide new opportunities from needs.


Services and products - For Schools:

To schools IO is known for the innovation that it applies to solving school needs. Products, services and projects that we are involved in developing or managing currently:


  • Marketing your school

  • Managing social media

  • Lesson observation

  • Young Digital Journalist

  • Alternative School Finance


If you have an interest in any of the above areas then please contact us and we'd be delighted to put you in contact with the appropriate organisation or contact.


Services and products - For Suppliers:

To Educational Suppliers IO is known for our product or service development capabilities; for our depth of understanding and relationship with schools whereby new initiatives can turn into scalable products and services. We work through our PRISME process with all parties ensuring quality and purposefulness at all stages. 



Develop many solutions



Identify the need. Set Objectives.


Make it happen

Install, train, run and monitor




What is the opportunity?
Combine the best value into the solution
How well did it solve the need?




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