School Media Crew

Setting up a group of students to act as your school's School Media Crew to help video, share and promote stories about all the good things that your school does can be an efficent way of growing your school's marketing and valuable life skills for your students.

IO has a lot of experience in recording and live-streaming video online. Over the years IO has worked for clients to video interview leading educationalists, helped schools to create marketing videos, recorded and made conferences available online on demand and in real time. During COVID we were asked by schools to support them in transitioning to online learning and we were delighted to use our expertise in video to support those changes. But it is the combination of our school marketing consultancy combined with developing internal school videoing capacity which has become one of the most exciting ways in which we support schools.

  • Schools need to build sustainable marketing capacity

  • Students need to be armed with video, presenting and media skills

  • Businesses are looking for future employees with experience of video storytelling.

This is where IO helping your school to develop its own School Media Crew can significantly boost the capacity of your school to record, produce and publish successful video based marketing materials. In growing student and teacher capacity in front the camera lens and in technically delivering the video captured to an audience schools can become significantly more efficient in capturing and marketing more of the great things that their students do everyday. A great way to enthuse and inspire your students is to run one of our 3 hour School Media Crew launch workshops.

School Media Crew launch workshop outline:

  • Why video?

  • Who is the audience?

  • What is your school trying to achieve?

  • What are the great stories yet to be told from your school?

  • Setting up a simple one camera one person interview recording

  • Presenting or being interviewed to camera

  • What a difference some lighting can make

  • Setting up and recording a two person interview

  • Capturing events with single and multiple cameras

  • Why live events?

  • Live streaming online

  • Video editing suggestions

  • Setting up your content calendar and schedule

See our blog advice on "Setting up your School Media Crew".

If you are interested in developing a School Media Crew at your school then please contact for a chat on how we can help set one up at your school.

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